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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean that you specialize in male grooming?

      Our primary focus at The Clubhouse is men's body waxing and skincare. Over 90% of our clientele are men. With over 15 years of experience and specialty training in male grooming, you will have superior results. 

Why wax at all?

      Waxing is one of the best methods of temporary hair removal. It removes the entire hair from the root, not just from the surface of the skin, providing longer lasting results. With repeated waxing unwanted hair grows back finer and more sparse.

Does it hurt?

      Quite simply, yes. Pain tolerance is very individual but quality wax and professional technique will make a difference. The pain will quickly subside and lessen with each visit as the hair thins. 

What is a Male Brazilian?

      A Male Brazilian wax is removal of the pubic hair. This includes hair on the front of your body, pubic bone, penis, scrotum, perineum and between your buttocks. We can discuss your options if you prefer to leave some hair. Brazilians are customized to the clients preference.

What can I expect during a Brazilian wax?

      For your first waxing service we will walk you through each step of the way to ensure your utmost comfort. The skin is cleansed with a mild astringent, followed by the application of oil to protect the skin. Hair removal will be done with a combination of hard and soft waxes to achieve the best results while minimizing discomfort. 

What if I get an erection during Male Brazilian waxing?

      Sometimes this is a body response and we will be respectful of each other. If this situation arises it usually goes away quickly. We'll talk about baseball and your grandma. However an erection the entire time is unusual and honestly annoying to the esthetician. Waxing may not be as thorough in that scenario. This is a professional service that we provide on a daily basis and not sexual. You're going to leave the treatment room feeling relieved that it wasn't as bad as you had anticipated. 

If I shave, how long do I have to wait for my first wax?

      If you shave we ask that you wait a minimum of 2 weeks before you wax. The hair should be 1/2 inch in length for the best results. Think of a grain of rice.