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Amber Matsumoto


A Southern California native, Amber brings over 15 years experience as a licensed esthetician and massage therapist. Her passion for all things health, skincare and bodywork related comes through in her detailed work. Amber provides knowledge, specialized waxing techniques, and comfort that will leave you hair free care free. She is a versatile waxing artist, able to meet the needs of all ages. From youth wanting two eyebrows to aged adults with waxing needs. Athletes come to Amber for her expertise in sports massage therapy, body stretching, and customized waxing for their sport of choice. She loves to learn and consistently furthers her education to bring the latest and greatest techniques to the treatment room. You will find your visit with Amber to be pleasant and efficient.

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Venessa started her career in 2006 in Las Vegas and moved to San Diego in 2012. While in Las Vegas she was trained by a waxing expert in an upscale salon. Venessa is very talented and specializes in virtually painless waxing techniques for all body parts. Her career path was set in place when an aesthetician cured an onset of adult acne. Today she has beautiful skin and has a passion to help her clients with maintaining great skin. Venessa is well-educated in both organic skin care and anti aging procedures and she has a passion for tailoring your very specific skin care treatment needs.

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